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These free national hotlines are available to anyone who calls, at any time during the day (24/7), 365 days a year.You do not have to be suicidal to take advantage of a depression helpline.They’ll talk to you for as long as you want, to help ensure that you get the help you need.

People who answer a helpline are professionally trained individuals who have experience in helping people who call.

Even simple things like getting out of bed each morning can be an epic challenge for people suffering from clinical depression.

Things that used to bring a person enjoyment — such as hobbies, sports, hanging out with friends — no longer do so.

They may feel like their friends or family won’t understand — or overreact to what they share.

A hotline can be a lifesaving pressure valve that can help a person feel heard — at a time in their life when they’re feeling especially lost or forgotten.

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It can help relieve the overwhelming feeling of being stressed out and without options.

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