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The women are extremely well versed with the top-most fashion brands and the latest trends from the cities of the Western world.The city and its inhabitants have some insane amount of wealth to splurge, so most of the women are spendthrifts and are often lured by some of the most well-known fashion houses who have set up shop in Abu Dhabi.Their hair is long straight and silky, brunettes with light shades, but hair that would make foreign women envious.These women also make sure that they keep themselves well groomed, with a decent amount of makeup, and beauty services are done from time to time.Much of this is witnessing a change, the society yet remains to be patriarchal but the women are being empowered, the women who earlier were shy and seldom spoke out their views and opinions are now vocal.

Abu Dhabi is renowned as the centre of the industrial and political activities of the country of the United Arab Emirates.While getting married, it is usually the parents who choose a suitable groom based on his religion, financial stability, and image within the society.The women often have little choice or say while their life partner is being chosen.These universities see many women from other countries across the globe and here the average woman from Abu Dhabi gets her global exposure, this has drastically changed their mindset and break some of the structural shackles.Most of the women are well educated in this modern day and age, and they also possess decent conversational skills in English.

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