Accommodating temperture restrictions

Made it to the Cummins dealer in Tucson and they didn't have the parts so we turned around and nursed it back to Phoenix.

Cummins in Phoenix fixed the problem, all under warranty and so far that is the only scare we have had.

I took the coach up to my dealer who looked the coach over from front to back but they couldn't find a thing wrong with it. We had just bought our rig and was heading down to Tombstone for the weekend with a few friends.When I turned my ignitions switch, to attempt to start the coach, nothing happened.I waited a few minutes and tried again and it started only to stop running again.We try to prevent this by good maintenance and driving reasonably but it can still happen.As I observed in a previous post, on a roughly 350 mile northbound drive on I-75 I saw 4 class A MH broken down. If we should have a breakdown and would post the following information on this thread it could be a resource and reminder for others.

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