Accomodating conflict in the film juno

As published in The Transj'l- vania Journal of Medicine. This fatal deficiency in the United States, in- duces us to direct our admiration abroad, and fix it too much on distant objects.

It is an active and comprehensive virtue, which essentially influences life and conduct. country; and is defective in those, who are indiffer- ent to the reputation of their distinguished fellow citizens, o- 1 such of them as have been pub- lic be ^actors.

While even the savage dwells with fond admiration on the names of the warriors and sachems of his tribe, and carefully interweaves their stories in his traditions, we permit the deeds of our most illustrious benefactors to be swept from remembrance by the current of time, and irrevocably consigned to the waves of oblivion.

ments, are suffered to repose unnoticed in the grave.

Of the affairs of Carthage our information is less O extensive, and perhaps less accurate.

To proclaim the faults of our own country, is painful and mortifying. This is true, in a more especial manner, in rela- tion to posthumous honour and reward. And it cannot be denied, that to the people and government of the United States, the vices of injustice and ingra- titude to public benefactors, are more deeply imputa- ble, than to those of any other UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT LOS ANGELES CALDWELL, C. This is true, in relation more especially to our sentiments of distinguished military men. Dazzled by the glitter of foreign countries, much of which is artificial and perishable, we are blind to the less ostentatious but more substantial merits of our own.

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