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We also may have a genuine desire to do good in our daily lives but we may not know what to do when we see discrimination or bullying.

Practicing in advance, or after the fact, can help us learn how to take effective social justice action against future verbal, emotional, physical, and/or social bullying. To help get past any “I can’t draw “worries, we will use simple stick figure sketches for our comics. Trans Fitness This program will offer simple information and outlines on diet and fitness programs for youth.

And Wooton Bassett, the zany, fun loving mail man, helps the kids in his own unique way. Until it’s fixed, Matthew stays with Grandma Lucia while Olivia and Camilla stay with the Bassett family.

What seems like a dream come true for the kids eventually turns into a mission to save their family.

Through gameplay and exercises, they will learn improv tools that will help them work collaboratively and explore the diversity of identities and experiences within our community, while unlocking their imagination and creativity… How does our ability to live up to these norms impact our own gender? Join us in this discussion as we examine the role of gender norms in our lives.

Whittaker (“Whit”), who runs an ice cream shop called Whit’s End.

Young friends from all over town come to Whit for advice, and his employees (perky Connie Kendall and genius Eugene Meltsner) often learn as much as the kids!

Through imagination, story-telling, and faith-building entertainment, your child will grow closer to Jesus as they listen to audio stories brought to life by Whit, Connie, Wooton and friends in the town of Odyssey.

As a member of the Adventures in Odyssey Club, you will have access to exclusive content that will encourage your child to deepen their faith and live it out with others.

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Gender Odyssey offers specialized programming for youth (ages 13-18) and young adults (ages 19-22). This activity will introduce you to the other participants at the conference, while completing fun missions to learn more about the conference, trans history, and the creative skills of the people in your group!

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