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I'm a younger 20-something year old trapped in southern Oregon.

I try to make the most of things by drawing/painting, playing pool, video games, cooking, working or checking out cars/carshows, bull shitting with my geek friends and generally being all around awkward.

Also, i don't randomly add people i've never talked to. I'm bi-curious, and like previously said, not very experienced with women, i'm mainly looking for someone to have sex with regularly, and possibly explore things i haven't tried sexually.

I'm looking for something fairly discreet, but not all sticking to the shadows sneaking around discreet.

That aside i'm pretty open to exploring or taking part of anything. we'd have sex on every desk, the chalkboard, his car everywhere.

Portland Naked Bike Ride 8PM -Late | Ride Starts at Laurelhurst Park More info: Who: Everyone is invited Cost: Free, donations are welcome Join thousands of people in the streets showing their support for human-powered transportation, safe streets, and body positivity. The motivation for the ride is up to the individual. That means each rider chooses the level of nudity they are comfortable with – none, partial or total.

This is a nonprofit, volunteer-run event, and participants bring their own interpretation. The WNBR is organized by members of Shift in Portland and sponsored as a 501. Web: @pdxwnbr | Twitter: @pdxwnbr —————————————– If you’re contemplating making this your first naked ride, you aren’t alone. Trends say 12,500 – about the same as Bridge Pedal! If you want to hear other people describing their experiences on their first naked ride, read the comments on Bike .

so if you're looking for a fling, an affair, or something on the side, keep looking. now- Though, i am one to believe age is just a number, i've found that personally my limit is around 36-38ish but it really depends on the individual.For - donation, you can bike home with your very own WNBR bicycle seat cover.If you only have a credit card with you, we’ll have a spot set up by the volunteer booth where you can use it to donate. The Portland Police will be corking car traffic for us. At the end, it is most likely a lot of people will hang out naked for a while, congratulating each other and telling stories.You’ll gradually see more skin as people lose their shirts for body paint.We have some volunteer body painters confirmed, and you should definitely consider bringing your own acrylic paint – it’s the best.

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