This starts by sending you an email verification notice, and then you need to link Badoo to your Facebook or other social media account or use your contact number to check your identity.

If you find it overwhelming, you can still join the site under the unverified account.

Once the email has been checked and verified, you can now begin browsing the site.

Not like other online dating websites, Badoo does not require its member to answer personality test to look for possible matches.

You can send messages, look for members, chat and upload pictures.

The paid membership gives you enhanced features such as put at the top of search results. Their matches are made in a form very identical to Tinder. Do not depend on this online dating site to simple show you members who compatible with you.

Badoo desktop apps are also available to know members who are close to your location.

With the app, businesses can interact with customers easily by using tools to automate, sort, and quickly respond to messages.

This site looks like Tinder, with the mainstream of its members are looking for hookup, flings and casual dating.

But, Badoo does have it shares of members over thirty-five who are searching for a serious relationship.

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Keep reading our honest Badoo review to learn more.

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