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The truth is, there are corporations who need multi-national execution or the execution of campaigns across vast sets of media - all at the same time. But, perhaps, this leads to the real reason they exist: Denizens of massive bureaucracies want their agency to bring the safety of vast bureaucracy to advertising.

And that's one thing the conglomerates do quite well.

If Seifert succeeds in this, he will be able to compete on an AOR basis — and even compete for new business with WPP.

This has developed through a combination of mythology and a demand for executional logistics.The second main mythology is that the advertiser gets far more for their money by having one big agency buy it.In reality, smaller & more aggressive agencies are always able to out-perform clunky bureaucratic big ones in negotiations. Creatively, these monolithic agencies are only made possible by an increasing trend for creative to be generic.This post is by Michael Farmer, Chairman of Trinity P3 USA and author of Madison Avenue Manslaughter: an inside view of fee-cutting clients, profit-hungry owners and declining ad agencies, which won the Axiom Gold Business Book Award for the best marketing / advertising book of 2016.The disappearance of AOR relationships between advertisers and their creative agencies was not a good thing for either party.

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Marketing departments experiment aggressively to see what kinds of digital and social deliverables will have a positive effect in the marketplace.

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