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I am a new mandolinist (there are more than enough guitar players in the world, so I needed a change), and the info on this site is invaluable to my education.

Thanks for your time, Matt Matt, I don't know how much help I can be but I bought one new in 1978 that some what matches your description.

6) I do not know much about wood grain, so I am unsure of the material of the fretboard. The pattern is tighter than that of my rosewood fretboard model instruments, but "looser" than the ebony on my double bass. As I previously stated, I cannot find any info on this mandolin.

The color is that of ebony, so I am thinking it is either a dark, more tightly-grained rosewood, or a lesser-grade ebony (although the radiused board on the bass makes it harder to see the grain pattern). Also, the fret marker inlays are a block-style, not dots. 7) The binding is white, but I have no idea what the material is. I have contacted the company, and they either cant, or wont help me.

I have a friend take a look now and then, HE KNOWS Mandolins! I'm going to go by there today and see if they still have it!

The Mandolin Store: My dad told me that he traded this mandolin to Larry Sparks father for Gibson Dove guitar at Shohamy's in Franklin Ohio (I may not be spelling that correct) - this was like a small flea market............... Bernie - it's a little place where people trade guns and pocket knives mostly................. I assume it's still there and all I know is it's in Franklin.

It is even the same case with the funky yellow lining.We played Alvarez instruments so I have a pretty big archive of these back thru the the late 70's.The early model you have has a flat scroll - not carved.It was a top of the line model althought I don't recall the model number. I do remember it was a lighter sunburst rather than a darker sunburst. It played and sounded great but the neck was narrower than I was used to after playing Gibson "A" style mandolins for a few years prior.I saw one on Ebay a while ago just like mine case and all go for around 0 and I thought it was a steal if it sounded anything like the one I had!

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Some info about the instrument: 1) The headstock label indicates a blatant attempt to replicate an old Gibson, as it reads "The Alvarez" written in a very similar cursive script as the Gibsons.

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