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Giselle finds herself questioning her happily-ever-after life and accidentally triggers events that make everyone's lives turn upside down in both the real world and in the animated kingdom of Andalasia.

Although Amy Adams is expected to return for the movie, neither she nor Patrick Dempsey, who played her true love Robert, have officially signed on.

The original movie was released back in 2007, so it's already been well over a decade of waiting.

A Happy Ever After ending seems guaranteed for the princess in waiting, who is beautiful, kind-hearted and possesses a natural ability to communicate with animals.

She has found the man of her dreams and all is well, until the prince’s truly evil stepmother (Susan Sarandon) weaves her magic and banishes her to modern day New York.

The cold-hearted Queen is worried about losing her power and is determined to get rid of the beautiful girl.

The beginning of ENCHANTED is animated in classic hand drawn Disney style.

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Well, we're finally getting some new deets about the upcoming sequel, but sadly, they're not as enchanting as you may have wished.

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