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She is known for her flat and toned abs and relies on cross crunches, lunge twists, belly curls, and standing side crunches over several reps to keep that belly trim and in shape.

Mexican actress and singer Maite Perroni Beorlegui photographed by Allan Fis for cover shoot of the men’s magazine Esquire Mexico for the month of May 2011.

In 2008, with the support of Televisa, Anahí launched a campaign for Anorexia-Bulimia awareness.

In 2008, after taking the issue to court, Anahí was granted her accounts back, two with Banamex and two at Scotiabank.

However, it is no longer considered an official album from Anahí’s discography but rather a promotional album.

Rebelde was replaced in June 2006 with Televisa's new series Código Postal.

One trademark of the show is the random use of English words and phrases, often used by fresa characters.

A notable aspect of the series is that the actors playing the bandmembers are themselves in an actual band named RBD, and perform most of the music used on the show.

TVy Novelas Award for Best Actress, Premio Juventud for Best Novela Theme Song - Novelas, Premio Juventud for Catchiest Tune - Music, Shorty Award for Best Actress, Premio Juventud for Red Hot Artist - Music, Premio Juventud for My Favorite Lead Actress - Novelas, Premio Juventud for The Perfect Comb...

Having experienced bulimia and anorexia a few years ago, Anahí has taken it upon herself to promote awareness about these diseases, aligning herself with the Fundación Televisa and other organizations to launch a public service campaign against these diseases.

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