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Before long, however, Nikki starts cheating on Sam, first with his friend Emily (Rachel Blanchard), then with Christina (Sonia Rockwell), whom he met at another party.Emily disapproves of Nikki's free-wheeling lifestyle and has expressed a desire for a relationship, but Nikki has no real interest in her except for her wealth.Samantha catches Nikki with Christina, but they come to an uneasy arrangement where she will ignore his infidelity.While Sam is out of town, Nikki meets a waitress named Heather (Margarita Levieva).When he returns he only finds a note that says she has left for New York City.

Although he eventually gets a date with her, she abandons him midway through the date.She further tells him her fiancé's family owns the New York Rangers and that he is the one who has been paying her bills and living expenses.Nikki, who has also fallen in love with Heather, is nonetheless angry that she kept her engagement from him, and leaves the house in a huff.Everything is going swimmingly until Nikki meets a gorgeous waitress named Heather, who, unbeknownst to him, is playing the same game that he is. As the truth of their life unravels, they find themselves sexually charged by a game of one-upsmanship until the truth of their lives forces them to choose between love and money.

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