Aperture not updating

Each resource is then followed by the message "RECORD ENDS".

Following the fake crash, he joked by saying "That's what I get for working at Microsoft", then simply thanked everybody and his wife, and finally added "Good luck figuring it out" before leaving.While it mostly promotes their game, it was also seen as an effective way to extend the Portal universe, and make the Portal fans as part of the game. During that part of the ARG, most images were modified by gamers in image editing programs to help identify them, with noise reduction or added colors.In 2011, it was followed by another Portal 2-themed ARG, the Potato Fools Day ARG. The only changes made to the images provided here are cropping and changes in orientation. A normal one first showed up, then another came, sparking boos then applause in the assembly, as it revealed this crash was intended, and part of the ARG. Then he launched a slideshow where those answers were supposedly to be found, only to have it "crash" to a Blue Screen of Death after he said "This isn't working".

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