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Over one and a half million other Omani Arabs live in other areas of the Middle East and East Africa.The Omani are set apart from other ethnic groups by their unique use of the Southeast Asian Colloquial Arabic language and by their culture.In 1970, Oman's new sultan introduced several developmental programs to help modernize the country.These included developing the oil industry; building new roads, hospitals and schools; allowing girls to attend school; and establishing adult literacy programs.Sunnis are welcomed by the Ibadis with Sunni greetings.Even Christians are tolerated as long as they are not Muslim converts. Prayer is the key to effectively reaching this people with the Gospel. * Pray that God will provide contacts, strategies, and wisdom for any missions agencies that are currently focusing on the Omani Arabs of Oman.Most live in older whitewashed houses and are employed as officials, laborers, merchants, and sailors.An increasing number of them are also working in the petroleum industry.

Village homes are usually made of concrete blocks, mud stones, or wood and palm thatch. Also, there are clearly defined roles for both men and women.

For a woman from Oman or other Arab woman, using online dating is a safe way to meet new people when her social circle is limited. We've seen hundreds of success stories over the years we've operated, why don't you be our next one?

Women in Oman were historically excluded from the forums of everyday life.

It was an extremely poor country until oil was discovered there in 1964.

The Omani Arabs make up over half of Oman's total population.

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