Are adam lambert and drake labry still dating who is flo rida dating

The Glamberts talk constantly about Clay by measuring and comparing Adam to him, putting him down at every chance. Maybe it's never been verified that Clay was fucking his hair stylist, but Clay wasn't out at the time so that's not surprising, and anyone who thinks they were just friends is in serious denial.

The irony is that all it proves is that he does matter very much and you are all scared that Adam won't measure up. "Keep your mouth shut and people may think you're a fool, open it and they'll know it for sure". Anyway, he's never actually confirmed he is (or was) dating Reed either, but he obviously is (or was).

Adam isn't in the big leagues yet even though his fans think Adam is the first or the best at everything but they know nothing. His opinion on Prop 8, the GLAAD awards and his Family Circle award and his gay psycho stalker are such topics.

The Glamberts haven't learned that a new thread for every picture or song mention is beyond annoying.

Newsflash, Adam and Clay are both very talented but very different singers and people, but they are not unique or God's gift to music.

Because they are so different they are not in direct competition so there is no need to put the other one down (or anybody else for that matter). He is no more a big star than Johnny Fairplay or Rupert from Survivor. His singles flopped on the charts and his compilation album sold embarrassingly badly.

I never stopped loving him, but we used to drive other demented! We didn’t really argue, but we used to irritate each other like mosquitoes!

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There was an auction to raise money for David's foundation.R128 is exactly the type of Glambert that he needs to get rid of, the equivalent of Clay's extreme Claymates.They think Adam/Clay are unique and will change the face of music as we know it, and can't stand anyone else being compared to them.Cutting edge producers and artists are all clamoring to work with him. The Glamberts are pathetically grateful for any positive mention from anyone. Your over the top reaction, R93, is proof that I hit a nerve.If Clay were not relevant you wouldn't even react or mention him.

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