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The next season of the show will likely document the drama surrounding the sentencing of Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, who recently reported to federal prison to serve eight months for tax evasion. Starting in 2018, Polizzi, who lives in Florham Park, co-hosted “How Far is Tattoo Far? In the reality show, people get tattoos chosen by their significant others, friends or family members, with disastrous results. Toms River’s Farley, who has been sharing her son Greyson’s progress after he was diagnosed with autism, has been in the headlines for her rocky breakup from husband Roger Mathews. Weeks of competition and eliminations left both reality stars alone by the time the series reunion show aired in late June, with Paul deciding to go solo despite his deep connection with contestants Nikki Hall and Derynn Paige.

Echoing past bachelor-centered dating competitions, in each episode, women vying for the affection of Vinny and Pauly will face an elimination ceremony.“Double Shot at Love” will air later this year.

This left the two best pals flying solo for the new season of the MTV series, and the question remains, will this be the time they finally make a connection with someone with the safety net of their pals of 10 years surrounding them?

family, which includes Mike Sorrentino, Jenni Farley, Nicole Polizzi, Deena Nicole Cortese and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, it seems unlikely as the season will focus more on the group bonding, rather than Vinny and Pauly finding romance.

"So maybe him." A caller asked Pauly D about his recent stint on the MTV dating show "Double Shot at Love," which just wrapped at the end of June.

In the show, Pauly and fellow "Jersey Shore" cast-mate Vinny Guadagnino pared down a group of contestants in an attempt to find love.

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She claims the messages prove he was as into her as she was into him. So it was actually a great question to get his take on her leaking those messages and find out where Pauly stands with Nikki today. "We talked a little bit after the show but it never really amounted to anything and I think that really got her mad." The closest he came to addressing any of the specifics was when he said, "I saw a lot of red flags there, so I distanced myself and I’m kind of sticking with that, distancing myself from that whole thing." In other words, he's not going to spill that tea.

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