Are justin and selena still dating 2016 dating katia

As in, they’re no longer attached at the hip," the tipster claims. Champion, well, Selena may not have much to worry about on that score.

The source says that while Baskin may have left a concert hand-in-hand with Justin earlier this week, it was apparently all for show, as the relationship is based on "nothing more" than friendly flirting. They know each other through mutual friends," Sigh.

They dated, they lived together, they even made music together.

Justin and Selena were obviously incredibly important to each other, and it's awesome to hear that they're still friends even though they both seem to be moving on. Well, I'm still sitting here with a box of tissues and both their albums on replay, mourning the breakup of the most heartbreaking couple that ever lived.

She’s been throwing birthday parties, releasing a whole fashion collection, oh and working on new music. So with all that on her plate, has she made time for dating?

We already know Selena Gomez has been really busy these days.

Which means we're in for yet another round of competitive pettiness delivered by two wealthy and beautiful young people who could be putting all their time and money to more productive use by doing literally anything else.

And to make matters worse, this time, there are innocent bystanders being dragged into the mix.

Online said of , “There’s no label; they just like being together.” Regardless, it’s a bit far-fetched to contend he’s ready to have a baby with her.

Of course, it’s absolutely possible their ongoing connection will progress to a full-fledged relationship, one with some sort of commitment.

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Baskin Champion may sound like a winner at this year's Westminster Dog Show, but she's actually a 22-year-old model and the latest pawn in Justin and Selena's game.

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