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I'm 24 and a year ago I dated a 36 year old for a month. Looking back at it, it wasn't much different than girls my age except for the fact that she had A LOT more baggage and problems than I expected a 36 year old woman would have. I wanted to settle down and have a family, and he wasn't ready.

My opinion is that relationships with an age difference where the woman is older tend to be more difficult because of the kids issue.

She's my love of loves and my best friend, and the most intelligent person I know. I'm a deeper thinker, she's a quicker thinker.

We can play on each other so well that she's spoiled me to the extent that I can only deal with others for quick bursts of time.

One thing I like about some of the older women I've known is that they've already been through some tough times, craziness etc...

and in general have matured some from it and calmed down.

I've gone out with a 29 yr old when i was 25 and 32 yr old later on.

The big one (kids) is not an issue because we both have one from previous marriage and don't want any more.However, in your post you said you don't want more kids.If you're sure that's how you feel and you also feel confident that she is stable both emotionally and financially, this relationship could work.We have chosen not to have children, but we have 2 pets and a beautiful condo.It's a peaceful, happy life in a committed relationship, and I think an age difference can work as long as the two people are in the same emotional place and looking for the same level of commitment out of the relationship.

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They have more life experience, they are a bit more motherly. They know what they want, they have a career, they are straight forward.

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