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He started out with a long slow pass of his tongue along the entire length of her pussy.

He could tell by her reaction that he was doing a good job, which encouraged him to continue.

His tongue darted out and circled her clit, applying more and more pressure until he felt her body tensing up.

Rachel's sweat-soaked thighs clamped down around her son's face as she came.

Her soft skin glistened from a mixture of her sweat and juices.

His eyes continued to examine the contours of her womanhood.

The fresh air of the room hit Jason like a brick in the face as his mother's skirt glided across his face. Jason watched his mother's heaving chest rise and fall, pushing her soft globes against the already tight top.

Rachel positioned herself over her son's cock and waited with his tip just barely parting her pussy lips. She looked down at her son in disbelief that she was actually about to fuck one of the neighborhood boys.

That she didn't know who it was only made it better.

He committed every fold and crease of her pussy to his memory, knowing that he would spend the rest of his life jerking off to the image in front of him.

Suddenly, her body slumped down over him as she slid down from her perch.

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"That was amazing." Jason saw a twinkle in her eye as she spoke and knew that she was being completely honest.

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