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Nowadays, in this world where most people are busy, many choose to do all things online such as communicating with other people.

I want to, no I need to, find out what is over that next hill or around that next turn in the road.

If I look at a map and see all the nice freeways and byways that are designated as "Interstate" this and "Interstate" that, then boredom sets in and, yawning, I put the map away and choose some other route.

" I wanted conversation, no dessert and I would, of course, take the check.

I signed, using my Visa Card, and gave him a tip and said, "I'm going exploring with my 4-by in the morning and I was wondering if you were a native of this area and familiar with the terrain?

Now, when I go somewhere I take the only form of transport that satisfies as far as I'm concerned and that is the four-wheeled vehicle called the automobile. I had traveled from New York to where I was presently parked.

Oh, I suppose there is a psychological reason for this or, perhaps, I'm a reincarnation of some ancient explorer or, maybe, it is just born into some people and they can't help it. I joined the merchant marine when I was quite young, simply because I had read somewhere these ships wandered all over the world; I wanted to see the world.

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Age differences in relationships are no longer important as long as two people find something in common.

When we were in port and loading the ship, I was like a caged tiger pacing from rail to rail and bow to stern hoping we would get underway before I went bananas.

I had seen this portion of the world and I wanted to get on with seeing the rest of it; wanderlust, I guess you call this. Who cared as long as it was somewhere different from where we were at the moment.

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