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The Mediterranean genes and diet keep those piernas looking long and shapely.

It’s rare to see the typical curvy Latina in Argentina—another reasons they consider themselves born on the wrong side of the Atlantic.

Czy zgadzasz się zachować ich tożsamość w tajemnicy?

Oceniliśmy Twoje odpowiedzi, możesz teraz zobaczyć naszą listę i zdjęcia mamusiek w Twojej okolicy. Kliknij poniżej „Dalej”, by do nas dołączyć i zacząć szukać mamusiek, które mieszkają blisko Ciebie.

However I’ve always found it easier to change myself rather than an entire country and it’s culture so here is my advice: If you have visited (or are from) Spain or Italy, and you have done really well with the women in those countries, you can be confident in racking up some notches with Argentinian women.

I cracked the code once I got out of Buenos Aires and headed south to Patagonia—see below for places to visit.

Walking around certain areas of Buenos Aires or Mendoza feels like being in Milan, Italy during fashion week.

Notice I said plenty of model-esque Argentinian women.

With so few Asians or Blacks in Argentina, caucasians will be sources of fascination.No getting trashed on tequila shots at the club and making out with multiple guys on a night for these Argentinian women. I was cock-blocked hard by an Argentine guy who wouldn’t let me get with a girl or even have her number because she was a “nice girl” and he didn’t want her ruined by a gringo passing through. Guys who kill it in Peru but can’t get a date to save their life in Argentina.Israel, if you are reading this—The majority of females in Latin America worship white skin and caucasian features—Peruvian women, Mexican girls, Brazilian women. I can sympathize with the guys who were frustrated by Argentine girls.If you’re quick of the draw you’ll also notice I mentioned Italy.These themes of admiring beauty from afar and a ties to Europe come up time and again when explaining Argentinian girls.

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If you like girls who look like models, (who doesn’t) you’ll see plenty in as you head to the furthest Southern parts of South America.

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  1. He has the perfect height of 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m) with weight 67 kg. En serio chicos no se me hace molesto, pero lo que no me gusta es que ustedes se engañen a si mismos creyendo que si lo soy y cuándo les desmiento que no soy Skandar se enojan ?