Barbie dating dressup games

Because do girls even like anything other than princesses, fluffy puppies, baked goods and pink everything?

Crappy flash games “for girls” are not unique in their problematic gender overgeneralization, and this hyper-feminization isn’t even the worst part.

Mattel’s first Barbie title was a dress-up game creatively named The plot is this: Ken gives you a call and asks you out on a date; you then go shopping, picking situational garments appropriately.

The unbelievable shittiness of dress-up games is their own, a unique blend of design choices that exclude all player agency and creativity.Barbie was born to wear clothes, a destiny fulfilled during her heyday in the 80’s and 90’s, when Barbie’s brand exploded with playsets, plastic shoes and militant hot pink advertising. Mattel’s leading girl-oriented franchise had the undivided attention of half the toy-buying market.Naturally, Mattel was one of the first companies to start producing what tech and culture critic Justine Cassell refers to as “Pink Software,” games designed with stereotypical girly motifs.Dress-up should not mean reassembling the pieces of an outfit drawn in full. But standalone dress-up interfaces targeted towards female-identifying audiences are different.Dress-up is a pillar in videogaming: Ever created an avatar? These interfaces are similar in design to the dress-up games children raised as girls are conditioned to play.

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