Black room sex

How it's gotten any rating on here higher than a 2 is beyond me.feels more intent on being trashy than a worthwhile examination of a haunting.Instead, the audience is treated to a softcore pornographic movie crossed with a yawn inducing, typical haunted house romp.Although the movie boasts a couple well-executed makeup effects early on, the remainder is as bland as an unseasoned meal and without any semblance of style.

Add this to the unintended cheesiness of the production and it’s a tough film to get through.

feels like a made-for-television movie that would’ve been aired 25 years ago.

There are pieces of the story which could’ve been used better.

The nudity does nothing with purpose, only to culminate in scenes of graphic sexual horror.

only uses his violent scenes, particularly the nastiest moment involving a demon having sex with a woman, to try and shock.

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