Boyfriend still has online dating profile up patti millionaire matchmaker dating tips

Just when you thought things were rolling along merrily, you happen to browse the same or another dating site and find his profile still active.

Under such a situation it is only natural for you to wonder why if he likes you so much, is he still on dating sites.

” Or some light-hearted ribbing like, “what do you tell your friends about us? Better still find an easy way to broach the matter of your partner’s still active dating profile.At such times you have a strong desire to be with this person and no one else – if lucky, your date feels the same way about you too and things naturally progress to an exclusive dating.However since every dating equation involves two variables as human hearts, having the same exact view about the current status of a relationship is unlikely.So even as your partner puts forward his reasons why you both should continue to date other people, keep your cool and let him know that you will think about what he has said.If you ended the conversation on relatively friendly terms, refrain from making the first contact.

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