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These days, there are many forms of orthodontic treatments to choose from.

One great option is lingual braces which are hidden from view because they sit on the back of the teeth.

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In recent years, braces technology has made a lot of progress.

if someone have braces for their teeth to fix them how much does that affect ur attraction to them?

is it only the person who wears them who feel like its ugly to smile with braces because ur mouth is full of metal and others dont care?

I think one thing being missed is how far braces have come.

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I'm personnally weird,but if I like the person and their personnality,doesn't really matter if they have braces or other stuff as long as it's not largely impairing in life (and even then,if I really like the person a lot, I can look past that) For the average person who focuses more on appearance,if they find you pretty, I don't think braces will be a deal breaker.

Only reason it would be a deal breaker I think is if someone thinks you're just barely right to date,not more than that,then yeah, I can see how one default can make it fail But other than that,should be fine with most people Hahah Braces seriously, I wouldn't care, it's almost like asking about classes and dating. I would say who cares, they are braces, as long as she takes care of them and herself, I don't care, beauty really is deeper than something that unimportant.

There IS such an evil invention as braces on the inside of a persons teeth. The time now is Posted in Articles escorts metro west boston, Life With Braces.

Braces and dating, I had braces in my 40s and my bf at the time never had a problem with it On top of woman escorts denver, I have to wear a splint for braces and dating lower teeth before my Orthodontist will put braces on them.

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