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They represent the following: RV - 1975, RT - 1976, RR - 1977, RP - 1978, RN - 1979, PM - 1980, PZ - 1981, PY - 1982, PX - 1983, PW - 1984, PV - 1985, PT -1986, PR - 1987, PP - 1988, PN - 1989, NM - 1990, NZ - 1991, NY - 1992, NX - 1993, NW - 1994, NV - 1995, NT - 1996, NR - 1997, NP - 1998, NN - 1999, MM - 2000, MZ - 2001, MY - 2002, MX - 2003, MW - 2004, MV - 2005, MU - 2006, MT - 2007, and MS - 2008. guns and last on Japanese mfg.), both where and when the specimen was made can easily be determined (i.e. Since most Brownings use a 3-digit model identification code (appearing first on European or U. My friend has a HP that was bought NIB from a retail store in the early 1980s. I'm guessing that means 1980 as a manufacturing date. If you enjoyed reading about "Reading Browning Serial Number for age" here in the Family Friends archive, you'll LOVE our community. Come join Family Friends today for the full version!Come join Family Friends today for the full version! BROWNING SERIALIZATION In addition to the Belgian Browning serialization listed in the back of this text, the following codes will determine the year and origin of those guns made from 1975 to date. The 2 letters in the middle of the serial number are the code designations for year of manufacture. 611RP2785 would be a Model B-2000 made in Belgium, and assembled in Portugal during 1978 with 2785 being the ser.

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Serial numbers help gun owners date their firearms, but they are not always reliable for older models.

There are also several limited-edition models made by Browning that do not follow the company's traditional serial number pattern.

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