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the 1970s had higher radiocarbon levels in the air than the 1990s, and therefore so did individuals who were deceased during those times.– identify if an individual was living post thermo-nuclear weapons testing– illustrate when (to the decade) the individual lived/died in special circumstances– tell the age of an individual– identify the year of death of the individual NOTE: Publications are cited in literature indicating radiocarbon can be used to determine the approximate age of an individual by comparing teeth to bones.

“It was precisely as revolting as it sounds,” she says.

Spalding would then spend hours chipping away to extract the necessary cells, a grisly procedure that was just the first in a decade-long stretch of hurdles she had to surmount.

But without knowing exactly when each neuron was created, scientists couldn’t say with any certainty that this was true.

Spalding and her postdoc advisor Jonas Frisén had a hunch that a pulse of radioactive carbon created by above-ground nuclear tests during the Cold War could help solve the riddle.

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