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There’s a famous saying that “The climate is what you expect; the weather is what you get.” As a native Texan moving to New York, I had an idea of what to expect, but was not fully prepared for what I would get.Because New York’s climate is drastically different from what I’m used to, every morning before I leave my apartment I religiously check the weather forecast.Very quickly I know if it’s going to rain, whether there’s a storm brewing off the coast, or if I will need extra layers.Whereas weather can change dramatically from day to day, the climate means the average conditions over roughly 30 years—how warm is the region, on average, and how much precipitation does it get in a year?

Energy balance models help to forecast climate changes as a result of Earth’s energy budget.

I když se naše duše radují ze slunečního svitu, pro naši pokožku je to radost přinejmenším riziková.

Laboratoře společnosti Jean dʼEstrées proto vyvinuly řadu sluneční péče Soins Solaries, abychom si mohli úžívat slunce i bronzového opálení bez negativních dopadů na naši pleť.

For example, when predicting tropical cyclones during hurricane season, scientists can use climate models to predict the number of tropical storms that may form off the coast and in what regions they are likely to make landfall.

When creating climate models, scientists use one of three common types of simple climate models: energy balance models, intermediate complexity models, and general circulation models.

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