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Women complain that they are never asked out, but really, it’s that they are not asked out by the guys they want.There is a tendency to say ‘no’ to someone who doesn’t fit their mold.” He said he is seriously dating a woman in New Jersey whom he met through Among Catholics, the search for a suitable spouse can be frustrating because of the church’s insistence that one marry within the faith.

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“I want to let people know there are many normal, fun, faith-filled people out there,” said Rick Their, 42, an entrepreneur and a parishioner at St. “A lot of women are looking for Prince Charming, Warren Buffett and Pope Benedict XVI in one, and that’s hard to find,” said Chris Corish, 43, of Arlington.

“They want good looks, wealth, and a theologian in one guy.

Matchmaking takes patience and persistence.” Matchmaking hasn’t caught on among Catholics, but the Rev.

Thomas Morrow, a local priest, has tried to come to the rescue with a book, “Christian Courtship in an Oversexed World.” He endorses Ave Maria, a Web site that helps Catholics find spouses. Catherine Laboure in Wheaton, is sponsoring a speed-dating event on Jan. In his book, Father Morrow writes that women should let bad apples go regardless of a desire to be married, saying, “Perhaps you’ll plant a seed that will help him reform and become a good husband for someone else.” He encourages women to respect themselves and insist “on the proper treatment every woman deserves.” Stacy, a Catholic in her 30s from Arlington, has dated in the Catholic community for years and says pornography addictions render men unable to relate to real women.

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