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The key to making someone feel cared about is emotional validation, and — surprise — women are better at it than men.

While our society has long assumed that women are more fluent in emotions than men, it’s only recently than science has started to prove that is the case.

But women should know that a vast and growing body of research suggests that men, comforting as they may be, are the less-skilled gender when it comes to creating meaningful connections — the type of connections that alleviate loneliness.

The research suggests, in fact, that men and women.

Perhaps even more intriguingly, all participants “responded quicker when emotions were portrayed by a female rather than a male actor.” This implies that women are better at both identifying and found that, under moderate stress, women were better at being supportive of others than men were.

The female participants were better at distinguishing between emotions — particularly the negative emotions of fear and disgust.When you believe the other person “gets” you — or at least an aspect of you — you instantly feel more seen and known, which is a precursor to feeling more connected.While men are certainly capable of getting to know women and eventually sparking this “feeling seen” sensation in them, there’s good reason to believe that women spark it faster.The point here is not that women are better than men — not even socially.One could gather an equal amount of research extolling the social prowess of men.

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