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Similarly, if you’re already in the midst of a back-and-forth conversation, you want to stay on track and not change the subject.Some examples: In stating your purpose, you want to be direct, but not to the point of seeming brusque or rude.Here’s the quirk of email that makes “moving you to BCC” such a mercy: When someone replies-all to a conversation that contains both CCed and BCCed parties, the CCed folks will receive the reply … So to move someone to BCC in an email chain is to ensure that they won’t be part of the conversation going forward.And to inform them of the move is simply to be transparent, to all involved, about the upcoming silence.“Thanks, Paul (moving you to BCC),” that person might say.Argenti, in his scenario, will be grateful to the (re)mover. And a similar approach can be used when a conversation that started with many people has narrowed to require input from fewer participants.To the extent that CCs and BCCs are email’s method, as the professional-resources site Levo puts it, “of including multiple recipients in a hierarchical way,” you were demoted, and extremely publicly.But that’s also to say that, in this age of incessant conversation and information overload and weaponized risotto recipes, you were shown the greatest gift another human can offer to another, on email: You were given the present of non-presence.

Some conventions, he told me, are fairly constant—table manners, say, since forks and knives probably aren’t changing anytime soon—and so are broad values like honesty, and consideration, and respect, which will always underscore our notions of courtesy.“Moving you to BCC,” Argenti told me, is essentially a shorthand for saying, “I know you really don’t want to hear this, but I do want you to know that we’ve gotten in touch, and thank you very much.” Bim, bam, blessedly silent boom—politeness all around. Some thoughtful soul will take it upon themselves to do what people, email being what it is, cannot always do for themselves: remove them from the chain, with its inbox-clogging messages and its nagging attentional requirements.That person will have done their colleagues a solid, and also acknowledged a profound truth of modern life: that taking one for the team will occasionally mean taking people off the team.It’s a coded acknowledgement of a widespread technological situation: Many of us are, at the moment, drowning in emails; in 2012, per one estimate, the average person wrote a novel’s worth of emails in a year.And newsletters, ads, spam, important communications from fellow humans we know and love—there they all are, jumbled together, competing for our time and attention, as unread-email counts rise and Inbox Zero goes from an aspiration to a pipe dream. But it also helps to explain why the BCC is sometimes understood to be an acronym for the “blind courtesy copy”: Deploying it is, in the end, a courtesy.

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It allows you to give another person that great, and ever more rare, gift: silence.

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