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Our society tells us, especially in big cities, to hover between singleness and marriage. To have ‘the best of both worlds’, only to end up with nothing. In today’s churches in Great Britain, 30% of people are single[1], and this number is growing. Compared to outside church where of the total population 40% is single this means that there’s probably a percentage of singles leaving church, or that people in church are more committed to marry. This represents a big problem for single women hoping to marry a Christian guy. That doesn’t mean you cannot find them outside church, but that’s a lot trickier when you’re in the dating game.Because if you’re not committing, a marriage will not be happy. Because how can you know if you share values and faith when he’s not worshipping in a church?Now this doesn’t mean loneliness is something necessarily connected to singleness.

The only answer most churches seem to have to the issue of dating is to ‘pray and wait’.And if you’re not wholeheartedly choosing singleness, singleness will not be happy. The other day I tweeted on ‘The problems of being single’.Immediately I got a response from a woman stating ‘I resent you use the word problems here. ‘I couldn’t agree with you more’, I replied, ‘there’s nothing wrong with being single at all.They will say things like: ‘There are no good Christian men’, or: ‘All the good ones are taken’, or: ‘Christian women only want to talk about children on a first date’.But they will not own up to the feelings behind their anger.

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