Cisco vtp not updating

By default all switches are configured as VTP Servers when first powered on.All VLAN information such as VLAN number and VLAN name is stored locally, on a separate NVRAM from where the 'startup-config' is stored. I change port F0/47 to switchport access vlan B (routable vlan) but can't get a DHCP address. The 3550 trunk is using dot1q and is tagged with non-routing Vlan A.When a new VLAN is created and configured on a switch without the VTP protocol enabled, this must be manually replicated to all switches on the network so they are all aware of the newly created VLAN.This means that the administrator must configure each switch separately, a task that requires a lot of time and adds a considerable amount of overhead depending on the size of the network.What I meant by routed and non-routed is that vlan A is an isolated network. What I want to do is add some ports to a different, non-isolated vlan and have them pick up DHCP.The problem I'm having is that the new tagged port for Vlan B isn't picking up a dhcp address.

Let's now take a closer look at what each VTP mode does and where it can be used.

The 6513 has vlan A and B defined and Vlan B has a helper address as it works on other routers that use a different Vlan for management (don't ask).

Because ethernet port 47 is tagged as vlan B, shouldn't it route once it gets to the 6513 even though the trunk connecting the 3550 to the 6513 is natively tagged non-routed vlan A? non-routed, but I'll assume you mean one is allowed/defined, and the other isn't. So long as it's tagged on f0/47 (which you say it is), and so long as B is a member of the trunk (on both ends), it should go to (and through) the 6513 as you describe..the final caveat that the routing and any associated ACLs are properly defined. The trunk is a dot1q and has a native vlan of Vlan A, the isolated network.

It has the ip helper defined and is working from other switches that are trunked with a different native vlan than Vlan A. Well IRS helped me determine that it's actually a VTP problem.

The 3550 doesn't seem to be getting updates from the 6513. XFeature Mode Revision-------------- -------------- -----------VLAN Server 32Pruning : disabled VLANs prune eligible: 2-1000 The first thing I notice is that you are running two different versions, but I'm not certain that's the issue.

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Hi I am currently working through some of the exercises in INE's workbook 1.

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