Common lies on dating sites

Maybe it’s a first step to users coming out as gay.The reason behind it could keep a sociologist busy for years.Vetting potential dates online is probably preferable to meeting in person, instantly realizing there is no chemistry or compatibility, and then sitting through hours of boring small talk.Plus, online you've got complete control over your first impressions.Whenever you're checking out someone’s online dating profile, it’s pretty much a given to take some things with a grain of salt.But now, recent research is suggesting that even some of the most basic information on most people’s profiles is a flat out lie.Hm, on the other hand, maybe those latter aspects of online dating aren't quite as positive as they first seem.Clearly, a large number of online daters today are more than willing to exploit a few loopholes in order to get a date.

It’s not hard to imagine giving yourself a little bump or rounding up by 5k or so to increase your chances of getting a date.

It was the same for men and for women, although men experience one unique phenomenon: According to online dating sites, an overwhelming majority of men are exactly 6 feet tall.

In reality, starting at about 5’8 men are far more likely to round their heights up to that common benchmark.

As to whether or not the 6 foot mark has any impact on the success of those profiles – no definitive data. Take a look at your own online dating profile or even your social network sites.

Do your posts tell the whole story of your lifestyle, or just highlight your biggest moments, life events and humble brags?

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In America, nearly half of the entire single population is searching for their mates online.

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