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Maybe you have a set of addresses where the street, city and postal code are in adjacent columns but you need to put them together for generating a mailing list.Fortunately, Excel 2016 (and all prior versions) make it very easy to grab data from many different cells and put it into one.Again without explaining much of the "why" because I think the discussion will get too long and off-topic, here is a formula that generates the first matrix of 1's and 0's above: = MMULT( (ROW(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(1,1)&":"&ADDRESS(ROWS(A1: A4) ROWS(B1: B3),1))) =COLUMN(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(1,1)&":"&ADDRESS(1, ROWS(A1: A4))))) 0, A1: A4) MMULT( (ROW(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(1,1)&":"&ADDRESS(ROWS(A1: A4) ROWS(B1: B3),1))) =(COLUMN(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(1,1)&":"&ADDRESS(1, ROWS(B1: B3)))) ROWS(A1: A4))) 0, B1: B3) FINAL NOTES/THOUGHTS The advantage to using this formula is that it allows arrays to be concatenated without using VBA.The disadvantage is that this method for concatenating arrays only works with numbers, not text.H2:$H is special, it expands as the formula is copied to cells below. The INDEX function returns values from a cell range based on a row number and column number.INDEX($B:$B, ROWS(H2:$H)) becomes INDEX($B:$B, 1) becomes INDEX(, 1) and returns "AA" in cell H3.

How do we generate these large matrices of 1's and 0's shown above automatically?I won't explain all of the mathematics as to why this is the result because I think it gets too off-topic from programming but ultimately the following matrix multiplication equation gives you the desired result: be enough information for your wants/needs.However, for large arrays, it may be too cumbersome to hard-code these matrices of 1's and 0's into your formula. The IFERROR function moves the calculation to the next part (formula2) when the first part (formula1) begins to return errors.That is also true for the second part (formula2), when errors occur the calculation continues with the third part (formula3) IFERROR(IFERROR( The ROWS function counts rows in a cell reference.

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