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She's some poor little rich girl hipster who got famous for going to clubs that she was too young to attend and appearing in pictures from parties and shit.

Hopefully they'll make up sometime soon and give the world By 2001, So-Cal pop punk heroes Blink-182 had already ran through the streets naked in "What's My Age Again?

My favorite part of my body might just be the whole body itself. I work out a lot and I love that they are just the right size.

I do always wish that I was just a bit stronger but doesn't everyone.

" and parodied the boy band craze in "All the Small Things," terrifying and infatuating a generation of kids who just wanted to pierce their nose and walk around in torn pantyhose.

The band truly hit their music video apex with "First Date," each member adopting a really gross vintage persona. Just please don't confuse Emoji with Emoticons.

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The most memorable: Tom De Longe's boorish Boomer (far left). Instagramming that cake you're currently eating? Winky faces are what seventh grade boys sent you over AOL Instant Messenger when they were "flirting." C'mon guys, we've matured.

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