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Nationwide, bars, coffeehouses and bookshops host weekly poetry slams where they turn the mic over to amateur poets.

Hearing the rhythmic sounds from local minds and hearts is spiritual and will give you and your date a lot to wax poetic about among yourselves.

Share with each other what you are tasting and give opinions about each bite. Meet your date in the cooking section of a bookstore.

Mull through cookbooks until you find something delectable to cook for dinner.

Giving back to the community can bring you and your date closer together. Whether you opt to brighten the day of the elderly, serve food to the homeless, clean up a local beach or engage in countless other opportunities, be sure to choose a volunteering activity that is meaningful to both of you.Be sure to include a note to the capsule’s future retrievers.It is said in dating, one should always trade up, well how about scaling up… That’s right, tap into your inner adventurer and try rock climbing on your next date — just don’t wear a skirt!Inhale the wonder of seeing something for the first time.This is a great way to connect with a date and detox from the day… Both you and your date should select your favorite childhood activity…

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