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The app is popular among schoolchildren, who have been texting their own usernames to Sim Simi to find out what others have said about them.

It was banned in Thailand in 2012 when it was taught to badmouth the country’s political leaders, but more recently, it spewed so much hatred at Irish schoolchildren that it's been “One of the greatest thing about bots is that they’re just so intuitive and natural,” says Paul Gray, director of platform services at KIK.

The study also demonstrates that more than half people (61%) who participate in testing of such algorithms prefer emotional versions of chatbots more than neutral chatbots.

Based on such data, it can be concluded that perception of emotion and a relevant response may have a positive effect on deployment and acceptance of conversational agents.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is evolving at an enormous speed and takes an increasingly more substantial part of our everyday life (think of the fully commercialized transactional robots Siri or Alexa as well intelligent agents in healthcare, automotive, and gaming industries).

The Canvas8 Library is a unique digital intelligence resource for our members.In this article, we will only focus on privacy concerns raised by emotionally intelligent chatbots.Emotional chatbots also referred to as “Emotional Chatting Machines” (ECM), are chatbots that employ a certain level of human emotional intelligence (i.e., the capability to perceive, integrate, understand, and regulate emotions).Canvas8 membership offers unlimited access to our unparalleled library of research.With more than 20,000 authoritative articles and expert insight spanning across five continents and twelve sectors, the Canvas8 Library helps our members stay ahead of the curve.

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To assess privacy risks related to the use of emotional chatbots, it is important to note that human’s privacy is closely related (although not identical) to ensure the security of information.

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