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Has you looking at yourself, and what I really enjoyed this book.I started it, but stopped because I was reading many books at once. I do plan on re-reading it with a book to write in to get the best benefit from the information shared. Would like to thank the author for the "extra" that arrived with the book. This book takes you from where you are now to where you want to be relationship wise. I'm a married gal who manifested my husband into my life using some basic LOA concepts years before The Secret made its big splash.I am currently searching for my Apparently relationships and love seem to permeate many aspects of my life (and my friends' lives)...I find that when we get together, we end up talking about this subject inevitably. If your date recognizes his sacredness and has plenty of self-respect, there is good potential that he can see your sacredness, too.It is an endless circle of win/win energy") One of the most beautiful and poignant ideas are those of our sacredness, not matter what religion you are or what your spiritual inclinations are, these thoughts are amazing: "You are sacred. But an overarching respect and regard for life, family and friends, plants and animals is a good indicator of a conscious person.""Valuing your opinion. Other favorites:"Have faith and be in love with yourself. Time will bring you the real thing when you least expect it.

That being said, a lot of what this book says sounds a little cliche and pretty sappy but if you allow yourself to open your mind to them, they're actually really powerful. It means blessed, revered, protected, connected with the Divine. Then, and only then, can the two of you consciously date.Energy exchange is the essence of our interaction with people, animals, and plants.Thank of how some people life you up and enliven your life with their presence. On the other hand, some people make you feel drained, tired, or slightly out of sorts after you spend time with them.But it doesn't have to be that way--with "The Spiritua What's a Spiritual Girl to Do?There's love--and then there's the love of your life, your soul mate, your one true partner you were destined to share this journey with.

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I am currently searching for myself spiritually, seeking to nurture this side of myself with kindness and love. She reminds us of the Natural Law ("Whatever you put out, you receive back threefold. That is the essence of spiritual dating."She talks about consciousness, mindfulness, and kindness:"Conscious people usually have an outlook that is positive overall.

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