Dating a pisces aries cusp

Being born on the Capricorn/Aquarius cusp adds a quirkiness to Capricorn aloofness, and adds a healthy dash of sensuality too, so these individuals will find themselves more compatible with intense signs than Capricorn alone would have been.

Aquarius/Pisces cusp people are blessed with a better expression of emotions than most Aquarians, and can therefore handle relationships with more emotional signs better than they otherwise might have done.

Some say March 20th is the last day of the Pisces while others say March 20th is the beginning of the Aries sign.

Either way your born on the cusp which causes you to act a little of both signs.

Compatibility is often strained between your sun sign and signs of the following sign’s element –but being born on the cusp helps to ease that. If so, you’ll enjoy a more home loving and sensual side to your personality than the average Gemini, and this cusp sign compatibility will help you in relationships with other water signs, and with earth signs too.

Cusp sign compatibility is essentially the same as it is for anyone of that sign not born on the cusp, but some astrologers do believe that people born on the cusp take on some qualities of their neighbouring zodiac sign.

If we’re comparing astrological compatibility signs, that’s obviously going to be important to take into account.

This lightness of touch will be welcome should you fall in love with a light and airy sign like Libra or Gemini.

Cusp sign compatibility slightly changes the love potential for those born on the Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp – with your added determination and groundedness, you’ll be a good match for an earth sign, a highly ambitious person or someone who loves your wanderlust but wishes it could be toned down just slightly.

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