Dating a poor grad student elaine dating keith hernendez

I'm too embarrassed to talk about my financial situation to anyone.

So being poor, I get this impression that girls won't date me if I tell them my situation.

My fellowship includes tuition, insurance, and a living stipend that was supposed to arrive by the first day of school (this is the university's official policy, stated in both my orientation and in publicly available websites about my program).

It's now been almost a week and I haven't received anything.

I feel like an incredible failure, I suffer from both ADHD and anxiety and just feel more and more dejected with each revision.If they like you, you will know it's because of who you are as a person.Plus sleeping on the floor for your mom shows character and a good heart.Also, I will be super embarrass if I bring a girl home and she finds out I sleep on the floor. Dude...girls dont give a crap about being poor when your in college because most of them are as well. The problem is I make only 10 bucks an hour, and I live at a apartment with my mom.By next year, I will be going to graduate school, but I want to date (it has been too long), but I"m too embarrass and afraid that the ladies will laugh if I tell them I'm poor. The problem is it is a one room apartment, and I sleep on the floor, giving the room to my mom.

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Also, I will be super embarrass if I bring a girl home and she finds out I sleep on the floor.

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