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The two types can be distinguished from the front of the clock by the position of the regulating square. 1901*) has the regulating square above the numeral "12".

The model 89 has the regulating square below the center of the dial.

We will do our best to ensure that items that have been sent to us will be returned to the respective customer or owner.

We will update this message as new information becomes available. Thank you for your patience." March 25, 2009 Alliance Time Acquires Colibri Group Assets, Colibri & Seth Thomas, Top-Tier Jewelry, Lighter, Accessory & Clock Brands Deal Includes Intellectual Property, Trademarks & Inventory Company to Connect With Former Employees for Possible Opportunities to Rehire & Revitalize Brands NEW YORK, March 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Alliance Time ( a leading distributor of brand name and designer jewelry, watches and accessories, has acquired the entire inventory of goods, intellectual property and trademarks from three top brands -- Colibri, maker of popular lighters, accessories for men, jewelry, executive gifts and flasks; Seth Thomas, the oldest clock manufacturer in the United States; and Linden Clocks, a noted clock maker.

These were cased in pillar and scroll cases until 1830, when the bronze looking glass and other styles became popular. They phased out movement manufacturing and began importing many movements from Germany.

Around 1900, the model 89 movement was introduced, having the escapement between the plates.

The company plans to leverage its robust distribution channels with mid-sized and large market retailers, national chains and high-volume e-commerce sites to promote and sell the range of Colibri, Seth Thomas and Linden products that it purchased as part of a recent receivership auction for the defunct Colibri Group, the brands' parent company.

"Colibri, Seth Thomas and Linden are well-known brands with a history of quality and consumer appeal -- from the ubiquitous Colibri lighter to the iconic Seth Thomas-manufactured clock in Grand Central Station in New York," said Eli Katz, Alliance Time president, retail division.

Many American clock factories in the 19th century suffered factory fires but Seth Thomas was fortunate in this respect. 1885—1917; black enameled iron cased clocks, 1892—ca. 1915; tambour clocks, introduced in 1904; chime clocks, introduced in 1909; and electric A/C clocks, introduced in 1928.

Through conservative growth and taking advantage of the new ideas of others, Seth Thomas was able to enjoy financial stability, whereas many other companies faced financial difficulties. Many Seth Thomas clocks from 1881 to 1918 have a date code stamped in ink on the case back or bottom.

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Adamantine veneer was developed by the Celluloid Manufacturing Company of New York City, and was covered by U. Below are shown just a sampling of the many models of Adamantine clock made by Seth Thomas.

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