Dating a starving artist

David Kaye, Director of the David Kaye Gallery in Toronto believes that “artists should always be making art for themselves, and if they find an audience, that’s really tremendous.

Whether painter, actor, dancer, potter, or any other artist, it seems there are some commonly held beliefs that all starving artists have. Doing illegal or immoral things just take your creativity and flush it down the toilet. If you take a job that doesn’t pay or pays too little, you won’t have time for the ones that do. The music industry is decentralizing, art brokers find they must use the internet, and filmmakers are creating new webisodes every day. If you like this post, please share it with others by giving it a vote on Stumble Upon, Digg, Redditt, or Twitter!

It makes one wonder: would Van Gogh’s be any different, less raw or honest, if he were wealthy?

Does financial comfort breed less artistic passion and does the thought of attainting it influence the process of transforming deep emotions into visual forms of representation?

There are endless stories of famous artists selling their work for a pittance before they become well known. If your work flies off the shelf, it might be time to charge more for your art. Me [31 M] with my friends [28-32 M/F] 5-20 years, I ruined my personal relationships during a time when I had a brain tumor. I don't know how to move forward given the things i've done.In 1995, an American professor made an unusual discovery.At Syracuse University in Florence, Rab Hatfield was trying to match the scenes of the Sistine Chapel to the dates Michelangelo had painted each of them.Since the artist had received commissions in various installments, the professor thought there might be a paper trail, so he went to the city archives. ” the professor yelled into the phone from his office in Italy, decades later.

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“You can be the most brilliant artist in the world, but if you don’t understand that you need to factor in the fact that art is a marketplace, then you might as well go stand in the corner dressed like an American Apparel model, drinking Pabst blue ribbon, and smoking and talking about how brilliant you are.

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