Dating an ex stripper

Leave the strippers to strip and let the nerds guide you to the numbers.

get out then, or buy stock in a company that manufactures nine-inch heels. The industry checks in around 92 percent female, eight percent male. But that’s not to say it’s a different eight percent.

The breakdown at any given moment in time is about 12 percent of strippers are rookies in their first year… It’s not out of bounds to think prostitution is a legitimate line of work.

It’s at least as legitimate as being a life coach or personal shopper or storage unit flipper.

There is a reason addicts continue attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings and therapy sessions; dealing with addiction is a lifelong battle.

Some days are better than others, but the temptation to use drugs is a strong force that can set back years of progress.

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For all the hype about how horrible stripping is, the dominant majority really seem to like it. If you really want to keep your kid from becoming a stripper, the only guaranteed solution I can think of is to follow the Mr.

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