Dating antique brass

The operator changed the month and year dies manually.

Numbers (1 to 31) for the day are on an endless chain inside the vertical plunger.

By the early 1840s, brass movements pretty much replaced wood.

So if your American clock has wooden movements, you can assume it was made prior to the 1840s.

From the 1850s to the 1920s, black mantel clocks were a staple of American production, according to Discover

Manufactured by Edward Ingraham, these clocks had cases often made of wood painted with black enamel.

The illustration on an 1877 billhead has a brass dating wheel that begins with 1871. International Time Recording, New York, NY, advertised the Standard Time Stamp in 1900. The Ajax Time Stamp Co., Boston, MA, advertised the Ajax Time Stamp during 1928-36. New York, NY Joslin's Eclipse Time Stamp was advertised in 1928 (Horder's), and the Eclipse Automatic Time Stamp and the Cosmo Automatic Time Stamp were advertised in 1936. Bates produced many models, and Bates numbering stamps are still produced.

New York, NY A circular portion of the base could be removed so that the machine could stamp through to a page in a book, rather than being used as an ordinary stamp. sold a brass dating stamp to the New York State Agricultural Society for . In some cases, images belong to someone else, and we cannot give permission.When dating your mantel clock, be aware that replicas of the fashionable clocks are still being manufactured today.You can begin to determine the age of your American-made mantel clock by reviewing history. for Dating, Cancelling, Numbering & Perforating Stamps, Seal Presses & Self-Inkers, American Institute, NY, 1885. Hill Centennial Dater Patented 1876-1879 ~ Advertised c.1906, 1910 B. Automatic Time-Dating Stamp Advertised 1890-93 Accurate Time Stamp Co. Springfield, MA (until 1882) Philadelphia, PA (1882 onward) The similar Cosmo Ribbon Dater was advertised in 1936 for use by railroads to date tickets.

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American clocks date to the 1600s, according to Discover

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