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It often feels like a game of chicken – some people just won’t give up until they figure out what sort of Asian I am.

Sometimes I play my own game, only mentioning where my dad is from.

This sounds weird, but have you ever felt you were meant to…do something? “I write in my spare time because it’s something I want to do.” “I quit my job so I can go into meditation.” He paused. However, “exotic” arguably isn’t an insult or a racist remark. Every race has its typical set of physical features (think skin, hair, eyes), beliefs, cultural attire and customs. Could be worse.” Not every Asian Australian girl jumps at the chance to go home with a Caucasian guy after a few minutes of pleasant conversation. There was my small self, a quiet Asian girl not speaking much.

“Exotic” has quite a few meanings: foreigness, the Other, different, unusual, mysterious, striking, beautiful. As he looked down at me, I realised I was alone and at 148 centimetres tall, was tiny in size compared to him.

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The other day I was watching this video that showed a white guy and a Korean girl talking about relationships.

Personally, I hold no grudges against Caucasian guys who hit on me, preferring to think they mean well. The same guy who tried to pick me up not too long ago was standing beside and looking down at her, omelette wrap in hand.

As Anne Frank said, “In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.” Two weeks later, I’m eating a salad alone at the dimly lit ground floor food court in Melbourne Central.

An Asian girl wearing black glasses is seated alone at the table right beside me, eating an omelette wrap and fiddling with her phone at the same time.

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