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We wanted his passion and drive to be what sways his uncle into allowing him to stay.

The line, “A man writes his own letter,” is to show that Young Ian handles his own affairs.

We liked the idea in the book that Fiona found love with someone that actually returned her feelings.

Given how the previous episode ended on such a horrific scene, the writers had many discussions about how to open this episode.LEARN MORE Etano is a flexible community builder software solution that allows you to build a social networking site or even a dating website.It is unencoded and unencrypted so you can customize it exactly how you want it. Just click the button below to visit our Web Hosting comparison page.She was the best candidate for him to talk to, and it was nice to see Fiona, who had been in love with Roger for so long, now happily married and able to support his new relationship.We wanted to show a bit of awkwardness between Roger and Brianna, because even though they’ve been dating over the last year, they’ve had limited contact with each other.

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