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If he’s clinging to you for dear life, you probably won’t see any evidence of a social circle of his own.

This is a guy who defines his own value through a romantic relationship, so he doesn’t know how to develop friendships.

It’s ironic that the people most likely to attract the opposite sex are the ones who need a partner the least. When you date a man for the first time, you’ll both want to impress the other.

But if he’s trying too hard, he may be really desperate.

Flowers and candy or small keepsakes are fine early relationship gifts, but expensive, large and numerous gifts come with a red flag rather than a red bow.

The desperate man is going to use gifts as a bribe for your affections. He’ll have his arm around you, take your hand, and stay physically close to you.

He wants a relationship with anyone who’ll have him.

Technology continues to change every single aspect of our lives, including our partners. As with all technology, we create it and then You might read the conversation above and rightly wonder why this guy is such an angry, desperate weirdo. There are plenty of weirdos to be found online after all. The left side of the screen will be filled with paragraphs of writing from the man and the right side of the screen will contain a few 3 word responses from the woman. And so the addictive brain chemical dopamine rises in your brain in anticipation for the win. The rat would be rewarded with food pellets at random intervals when it pulled the lever. It’s also what makes many MMORPG’s addictive And the same variable ratio interval is used in Tinder’s famous Swipe Left/Right match system. It’s simply a consequence of the technology itself.(Every human being has intrinsic value. The “Value” being talked about here is what you might call “Sexual market value”)Because of how our biology interacts with the technology, women have the upper hand on online dating (Generally speaking) for the following reasons. This is exactly what they aim for, as do all apps in the attention economy.

Online dating has quickly moved into the acceptable mainstream and it seems unlikely to go anywhere. It’s easy to observe the behaviour of men on online dating and laugh at their desperation. Or could it be the Swiping left on a Tinder profile is the same as pulling the lever on a slot machine. These random intervals for reward drove the rat crazy, causing it to pull the lever like a maniac. (A system now copied by most other dating apps)It’s no wonder Tinder addiction is a thing. One of the deepest drives a man can have is mixed in with an addictive slot machine-like environment. When a girl stops replying, she’s not just rejecting the man. And so the man will message her again and again, often not so much desperate for her as desperate for another hit of dopamine. They want you addicted to their platform so that you’ll spend more time on their app and view more advertisements.

And they made the mistake of assuming that technology reveals the truth about the world.

Because they don’t understand that viewing the world through the lens of technology leaves you with an inaccurate perspective.

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