Dating during legal seperation dumb dating

In North Carolina, a legal separation occurs on the day that a couple separates from one another, meaning that they move into a separate residence with the intent to remain separate and apart from one another permanently.

Do you really want to live with that your entire life?

It is not necessary that both spouses intended for the separation to become permanent, the intent of one spouse is sufficient to satisfy the requirements of North Carolina law to obtain a divorce.

However, if one spouse moves out and the understanding by both is that the separation is temporary, then the one year separation period has not started until one spouse decides that the separation is permanent.

The common statement we hear is that “we just separated a couple months ago, but can’t we just lie and say we separated a year ago? First and foremost, good luck finding a lawyer that would be willing to file that lawsuit for you.

I doubt you would find one willing to risk their law license just so you can get divorced a couple months early.

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It is an invalid divorce because the Court never had jurisdiction to enter the divorce in the first place.

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