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If you hold the trigger down and pump it will fire without delay almost as fast as a semi. Keep and get it up to par you will love it if you don't i will be shocked.I have had one since 1995 and love it more than any other. The navy seals used it back in nam and maybe even today. This shotgun, if I've found the right info on the serial number was either made prior to 1955 or was made in 1965 or 66.Getting it apart was pretty simple, but I don't have a guide for reassmbly that shows how all of the parts go together.Yeah, I paid attention to how it came apart, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.It's amazing what will cover up with a good finish. Have you checked for any proof marks indicating if it was Gov. I was considering chopping the barrel flush with the tube after a mandatory 0 tax and background check for the SBR. Please post your results when you get the rifle back, looking forward to pics...The only markings identifying the gun are the serial number on the block and the duck pattern etched into both sides.

:dunno: Someone asked me to keep an eye out for one for him because of this feature.

Even when we used to shoot old issued Ithacas, we didn't do it very often because they kicked so bad.ithica's do fire continuosly fire, if holding the trigger. they all eject out the bottom making them suitable for either right or left handed officers. The Model 17 was a 20-gauge of trim proportions, later redesigned and refined into the popular Remington Model 31.

they were first made popular by the police back in the, 70's(? That gun would eventually be replaced in production by the Remington 870 which is still produced to this day.

G_p A_ithica37_2That is the guide I've used for the take down.

Right now, it's in all of it's individual parts awaiting some degrease and a nice oily rag. Right now, it hasn't started pitting and a visual inspection of the breach block and other moving parts have no indicators of rust.

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